We welcome the new year with enthusiasm for children and adults

Our schedule for this year(2023-2024) is:




Dojo Katholikon 4, 5th floor,Thessaloniki

CHILDREN’S CLASSES (From 7 years old)

SUNDAY 12.00-13.00

Dojo Katholikon 4, 5th floor, Thessaloniki

Information for enrollment:

6978050301 Evi Triantafilloy


Shotokan Karate Greece, welcome to our website

Greece Shotokan Karate (GSK) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching karate as a martial art.

Greece Shotokan Karate has been teaching traditional karate-do in Greece since 1984. It was founded officially, however, in 2006. Tsutomu Ohshima is the leader of Shotokan Karate of America and many other national Shotokan organizations worldwide. He is recognized as the chief instructor of Greece Shotokan Karate. Tsutomu Ohshima gave an official permit to Emilio Zafón to found Greece Shotokan Karate

Each year GSK organises a National Special Training in Kolindros, close to Thessaloniki. It includes Dan Tests and one Technical Course.

About Karate

In Okinawa, a miraculous and mysterious martial art has come down to us from the past. It is said that one who masters its techniques can defend himself readily without resort to weapons. He can also perform remarkable feats – the breaking of several thick boards with his fist or ceiling panels of a room with a kick. With his shuto („sword hand“) he can kill a bull with a single stroke […].

Some consider these aspects of this miraculous and mysterious martial art to be the essence of Karate-do. But such feats are a small part of karate, playing a role analagous to the straw-cutting test of kendo [Japanese fencing]. It is erroneous to think that there is no more to Karate-do than this. In fact, true Karate-do places weight upon spiritual rather than physical matters […].

True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one’s mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice.



Karate is the evolution of two battle techniques.One was used by the people in Okinawa. It was very simple, but extremely effective, since it had been tried in battle for many centuries.The other teqnique, which is more complicated and is driven by philosophical teachings, is a product of ancient chinese culture.This double descent explains the two sides of karate: is es extremely violent and effective, but at the same time it constitutes a concise and very disciplined system and philosophy, which is based on no violence.

The Great Teacher Gichin Funakoshi

shotokan karate master funakoshi

Gichin Funakosti was the first to bring karate-do in Japan mainland, in 1916. He taught a style that composed of different Okinawa style, which was named shotokan(which means “the house of soto”, Funakoshi’s artistic alias). The style became very popular in Japan and later all over the world. Therefore, Funakoshi is considered to be the “father of modern karate-do”

Tsutomu Ohshima, Shihan

shotokan karate master ohshima

Tsutomu Ohsima was one of the last direct students of Funakoshi(1948-1953) while he was studying at Waseda University of Tokyo. In 1955, Mr. Ohsima came to the United States. He was the first to teach karate to the U.S citizens. In 1959 he founed the Southern California Karate Association (SCKA), which thoughout the years evolved so much, that it became Shotokan Karate of America(SKA).

Mr. Ohshima’s influence is  felt all over the world